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Interviewing Tips

Nearly 95% percent of all permanent job offers result directly from a face-to-face interview. Not only is this your chance to shine, but it is an excellent opportunity for you to learn valuable information about your potential employer, the job, and the location.

Preparing beforehand helps candidates keep their composure and impress potential employers with concise answers and thoughtful questions. Here are some tips and suggestions for a successful interview that will help you leave a positive impression on your potential employer. 

Making a Great First Impression

Dress for Success

  • Women should wear a conservative business suit with polished shoes. Skirts should be no shorter than mid-thigh. Stockings should be neutral or natural color.
  • Men should wear a conservative business suit with a tie and polished brown or black shoes. Do not wear dark sneakers that appear to be shoe-like.

Leave Your Ego at the Door: People hire a person they like, not someone who thinks they are better than them. Keep an upbeat, high-energy demeanor, and a positive attitude.

Be on Time and Early: Showing up late can be excusable if you call the employer ahead of time with a valid reason for the delay...otherwise your tardiness is unacceptable.

Do Not Bring up Salary and Benefits Unless They Do: Negotiating salary during an interview is dangerous. You might price yourself out of a job or accept too little for your services. If they ask you to name a price, the following statement may save you from making a hasty deal: "I am most interested in the opportunity. If you like what I have to offer your group and I like what I see, then I am sure we can work the financial arrangements out."

Keep the Dialogue Short: Asking questions and responding to their questions is perfectly normal. But keep your responses as specific and direct as possible...don't ramble on!

Ask High Gain Questions: Ask open-ended questions that require more than a 'yes' or 'no' response. For example: "How has managed care impacted your practice or facility?"

Stay Away from Alcohol When Dining: Just one alcoholic beverage may impair your judgment enough to say the wrong thing. Ask for tea or a soft drink.

Ask for the Job: Express your interest in the job. The employer is waiting for your acknowledgment of interest. Tell him or her: "Yes, I want the job."

Mail a Thank You Note: Aside from thanking them for their hospitality, a letter or note from you is an excellent way to keep your name fresh in their mind and interested in you.

Questions To Ask A Potential Employer

  • What is the exact nature of the group?
  • What is the workload of the group/practice? Patient mix? Number and type of patients?
  • What is the background of the physician's in the group? Age? Training? Future hiring?
  • What is the work schedule?
  • Standard Questions That You Should Be Prepared To Answer
  • What are your goals in a practice setting?
  • What about this area appeals to you?
  • What would your colleagues say about your character and abilities?
  • What kind of clinical responsibilities are you looking for?
  • What are your interests besides medicine?
  • How would you describe yourself?

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