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All Star Recruiting Executive Team

Expecting a laundry list of resume bullet points and dates? Not here. The story of the All Star Executive Team and how they work together in synergistic fashion is much too interesting for that! Along with their diverse personalities, each of them bring distinct attributes to the table that has helped stimulate immense corporate growth, accomplishment, and shared success as the company continues to evolve. 


Craig Schaffer

Founder/Managing Partner

“In this business, you can’t get too high, and you can’t get too low. Stay strong, and keep doing the right things.”

Knowing there was more out there beyond the seasonally dreary suburbs of Massachusetts, Craig moved down to Florida to attend Art School back in the late 80s. Post-graduation he started a photography/videography company which he successfully ran for 13 years. Constantly burning the midnight oil working events every weekend while he watched his kid brother excel as a healthcare recruiter (with what appeared a lot less effort) he thought, “How hard could this recruiting thing be?” Hence, he went “full throttle” and All Star Recruiting was born. Choosing to start with the permanent side of the business as it required less “ramp-up” compared to locums, he began as a one-man-shop focusing on five specialties. Craig developed his own (admittedly archaic) database back in 2003 and did everything–from writing up and posting jobs as he simultaneously recruited docs and still edited wedding videos on the side. When dejection set in after several months of maximum output with minimum results, he happened upon a chance casual lunch with an industry expert who asked him, “As a card player, would you rather have five weak hands, or one strong hand?” That’s all Craig needed to hear for the proverbial lightbulb to turn on. Still working out of his house, he made a last ditch effort to focus on one specialty only; anesthesia. This is the area he felt the most confident in and at the time, believed had the highest potential. Business started to pick up and he began making placements. There was a steep learning curve, and a long, arduous process of trial and error, but Craig was finally able to see the forest through the trees. After about a year and a half, brother Keith decided to join him full-time in the venture and they were able to hire a few more employees. Based on needs in the facilities, they began adding more specialties into the mix. Craig reinvested everything he had back into the company as they started to do more deals and gain traction in the industry.

As leadership roles were initially defined, Keith focused on the clients while Craig spent his time with candidates and all the day-to-day operations from payroll to presents. As managing partner, he now oversees the entire perm department. Not one to crave the spotlight, his unpretentious business methods, humility, amicable style, calm demeanor, appreciation for where he came from, and ability to listen, make him very ingratiated and respected by the rest of the staff. Bottom line, there would be no All Star without Craig’s devotion and tenacity.

In his limited free time:
Craig is passionate about music and has passed this gift on to his very talented son who, like Dad, shares an eclectic passion for Boston sports, performing, and creative arts. When he’s not traveling around supporting his son’s budding singing career, you’ll find him playing bass (and other instruments) with his own band or participating in a men’s hockey league.

Keith Shattuck


"Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. 
The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results."
—Andrew Carnegie

When his older brother Craig left the dismal New England winters behind for year-round blue skies and palm trees in Florida, his younger sibling was right in his wake. Keith moved down in 1998 and finished his college degree at FAU. Born to be a salesman, this former college hockey player began working at a recruiting company in south Florida where it appeared everything he touched would turn to gold. By the age of 25, he had established the company’s surgery division, was a manager and top biller for three straight years, and the first consultant to bill $1,000,000. Already enormously successful at such a ripe young age and ready to take on the world, Keith consolidated with his brother who had started doing some permanent recruiting on the side. Combined with Craig’s knowledge of running his own business and Keith’s experience, pulse on the market, and innate knack for dealing with clients, these Boston brothers were now legit players in the world of permanent healthcare recruiting. By 2011 they were still growing internally and it was evident the company was ready to expand its scope into the locum tenens side of the industry which has proven a fruitful decision.

Keith’s gregarious magnetism is eminent around clients, staff, and anyone he comes in contact with. Aside from being extremely personable, charismatic, positive, giving, and approachable, he has the rare ability to simplify issues and make confident, on-the-spot decisions which yields him an effective CEO. Most would agree the heartbeat of the company resides in Keith.

In his limited free time:
When he’s not pumping people up around the office with the flash of his characteristic Cheshire grin, he enjoys working out and family time with his lovely wife and son–who’s hockey and football teams he relishes coaching. He still plays in a men’s hockey league and his Boston sports pride is as strong as it’s always been.

Chief Operating Officer

"Some men see things as they are and say why, I dream things that never were and say why not."
—George Bernard Shaw

After receiving dual undergraduate degrees in Political Science/Pre-Law and Criminology at Westfield University in Massachusetts, Matt declined a graduate school scholarship and instead had his sights set on living in Florida. In late 2003 he joined his transient, long-time friend Keith down in the sunshine state and started working for the same medical staffing company. He was working as a locum recruiter in anesthesia for two years when one of the doctors he formerly recruited enticed him to move out to Denver to build his own locum firm from scratch. From 2005–2010, Matt acted as Director of Operations for this new enterprise–constructing it from the ground up to a respectable 50 employees and expanding the agency to become one of the fastest growing in the industry. Alas, his true goal was to get back to Florida and as fate would have it, his hometown boys were looking to accelerate their All Star Recruiting mission. Matt joined All Star and ran the perm operations for a year, then helped start the company’s locum tenens division in 2011. Much like in his previous experience in rapidly growing an organization, All Star grew at an unprecedented rate. One to always remain humble, Matt credits the success to the team as a whole and being surrounded by great people.

An inherently skilled and tactful salesman with a gift for big-picture thinking as well as detailed number crunching, he started out hiring and training recruiters on the locum side of the business. In his current role as COO, Matt still wears multiple hats on any given day at the office. He oversees the daily operations of the organization, including strategic sales planning/execution, the VMS/MSP management teams, CRM design and implementation, and IT division. Also well-versed in legal contracts and corporate processes, Matt is the “go to” guy for almost all front office and day-to-day matters.

He is more than proficient at strategizing and executing a plan. Forward thinking, diplomatic, amiable, responsible, instinctive, compassionate, generous, objective, ambitious, motivating, tech-savvy, and a statistics connoisseur with uncanny organizational skills and ability to assess and compartmentalize a situation, many would call Matt the nucleus behind All Star. He also stays current on industry trends as he presently serves on both the Ethics and Membership Committees for NALTO (the National Association of Locum Tenens Organizations), and has spoken on critical industry topics at numerous conferences.

In his limited free time:
Matt never stops moving and enjoys most outdoor sports activities, charity races, road trips with friends, and traveling. He supports his hometown teams with a passion and frequents many sporting events every year. Known for constantly citing random facts and stats, Matt also has an obscure talent for quoting movies and miscellaneous song lyrics/artists. This über-organized “Captain All Star” enjoys competing in just about anything athletic and has what some might call an unhealthy obsession with his dogs (animal rights in general,) and attending Dave Matthews Band concerts across the country. (160+ and counting…)

Chief Financial Officer

“You are only as good as the people you surround yourself with.”

To say the efficiency of the company’s financial processes improved when Ken came aboard would be an understatement. Although apropos as “understated” could be his middle name. Odd man out from New York, don’t misjudge Ken’s financial prowess just because he has a seemingly docile, laid back attitude. While the final addition to the All Star Executive Team may appear reserved, he has a flair for personalizing numbers with an astute focus and no-nonsense regime that keeps the company running like a well-oiled machine.

Armed with degrees in finance and MIS from UCF, Ken started his career with Gartner, Inc., a leading information technology research and advisory company. When he moved to the east coast of Florida, once again our common denominator Keith was there to introduce him to the recruiting world (pre-All Star.) He started out as a perm recruiter when former clients in Chicago recruited him to the Midwest. He was with the IT finance department at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) for almost a decade. As the first to delve into electronic trading (of futures and options,) the CME was growing at a rate of 300% per year and Ken was managing the $150 million IT budget. The IT department alone was comprised of 1,200 people and Ken was there through multiple transitions when the CME Group became the first exchange to go public in 2003, and he was also present through two multi-billion dollar M&As.

About the time he had hit his peak in Chicago, old buddy Keith needed finance help back in South Florida at his own emergent recruiting firm. Although a risky decision, Ken saw this as an opportunity to utilize his experience at the CME and be part of an exciting start-up environment where his adeptness could help propel the company forward. Just as the pre-hysteria of Y2K is now a mere afterthought, it’s hard to recall what systems were in place (or more accurately weren’t in place,) “Y-pre-K”. He took on the role of Controller for All Star in 2012 to take the accounting burden off the other executives. The department rapidly developed to include everything surrounding corporate financial processes. With the ongoing support from his colleagues, Ken introduced organizational structure, an intranet, file sharing, a new CRM, etc. As CFO his department is responsible for all back office processes including internal and external payroll, commissions, travel, IT, telecommunications, accounts receivable, vendor management, CRM systems, software and upgrade implementation, figures and analysis for monthly, quarterly, and annual reporting, etc.

Ken was built for the challenge of maintaining and improving process efficacy through periods of exponential growth. While he controls all the assets of the company, Ken himself is an invaluable asset to All Star and not afraid to think big. He believes in earning respect through hard work and epitomizes the company’s leading by example philosophy. Note: He probably wouldn’t appreciate being called “invaluable” as in his world, everything usually has a numerical value and/or spreadsheet attached to it!

In his limited free time:
Although a confessed workaholic, this even-keeled newlywed is hardcore when it comes to sound nutrition and CrossFit™ which is undeniably more of an obsession than a hobby. Ken’s “Mr. Clean Jr.” look is deceiving as he juices, eats organically, enjoys reading business books, regularly gives back to his community, and even partakes in hot yoga and meditation.


“Culture, culture, culture! It makes all the difference!”

The appointment of Pat Kennedy to the Executive Team fulfilling the role of president couldn’t have come during a more robust time at the company. Her remarkable reputation for direct, professional prowess, combined with a nurturing personality, are skills supportive of a growth business and round out the All Star leadership lineup perfectly. After a two year sabbatical, the enticing opportunity to work with longtime friends in the fast paced industry in which she’d always thrived, is what drove Pat out of supposed retirement. Her belief that there is no secret sauce in success and it all depends on how you execute, is what helped her exponentially grow revenue and dramatically increase employee engagement during the tenure of her previous position as president and group president for one of the largest healthcare recruiting companies in the country. With over three decades of experience in staffing solutions, Pat is a respected industry leader; validated by numerous accolades she has received in the past including South Florida Business Journal’s “Power Leaders in Health Care,” Staffing Industry Analysts’ “Staffing 100,” and Broward County’s “Ultimate CEO Award.”

This Chicago area native originally wanted to be a teacher, but has always had a passion for healthcare and clearly plays a key role on the impact of healthcare organizations wherever she goes. However impressive her resume and industry accomplishments, this only tells half the story. Pat’s true zeal is about people. So how apropos she has combined all her aspirations to enhance the people-centric principles and employee-first culture at All Star. Her compassion, dedication, and commitment to leading by example with an open-door policy and helping others along the way is unmatched.

In her limited free time:
Pat’s kind-heartedness extends far beyond the workplace and the good chocolate candy bowl in her office. When not meticulously running a company, you can find her at the dog park with her faithful German Shepard companion, Bud. Pat is quite involved in the local community and serves on the board of directors of the non-profit pet therapy organization, Share-a-Pet. Commonly known as “Bud’s handler,” she volunteers with autistic children and seniors in nursing homes and hones her innate teaching talents and fervor for education working with second graders promoting the Share-a Pet “pawsitive reading literacy program.” She is also the parent to a small dog and cat, but let’s not forget her two grown human children and six grandchildren who she adores spending time with as well…almost as much as the animals!

"When I was initially contacted by All Star, I had already been approached by several companies and presented to quite a few opportunities so I didn't think I needed to speak to another firm. What I didn't count on was All Star having another eight positions which other agencies didn't have. Now I'm happily working at one of the options they offered. Thanks!"
- Bal A., M.D.

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