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All Star's recruiting team will be by your side throughout your term with us. In addition to helping you with licensing, obtaining or verifying your credentials, and professional liability, we also offer an easy process for submitting your payment requests.

Getting Paid

As a locum tenens physician, you are working as an independent contractor. There are many distinct differences between an independent contractor and an employee relationship. View our payment schedule for more information. 


Locum tenens physicians/employees can often claim more work-related expenses than other professionals. A tax professional can provide you with additional deduction opportunities. Visit our taxes page for more information about paying taxes as a locum tenens.

Insurance and Benefits

Certain insurance and retirement benefits are commonly provided to an employee in an employment relationship that, by law, may not be provided as an independent contractor.

1. In general, an individual cannot establish a valid unemployment claim based on earnings as an independent contractor. Unemployment compensation is a potential benefit that exists for individuals who have worked as an employee and have lost their job through no fault of their own, and who are able and available for work as an employee. A physician may file an unemployment claim if previously employed as an employee. However, the Company (or any staffing agency) should not be listed as a previous employer on the claim, nor should any staffing agency compensation be reported as wages on that claim.

2.Workers compensation insurance is government-mandated employee insurance. It is provided to cover health costs incurred by employees as a result of accidents while working on the job. Independent physicians must secure this insurance coverage on their own if it is desired. Be aware, it may duplicate typical health insurance coverage.

3. The Company provides its employees typical health, dental, disability, and life insurance on a tax advantage basis. These benefits cannot be provided tax-free to non-employees. This insurance coverage may be obtained directly by the physician, or might be available through the physician’s spouse’s employment.

4. Independent physicians are not eligible to participate in the Company 401k Plan. However, more lucrative retirement plans may be available to independent contractors.

Locum Licensing Requirements

Licensure can be pretty complex and each state has many nuances. Of the 50 states, only 11 give the option of a locum license whereas the rest only offer full licensure and do not have interim options. For more details, visit our Locum Licensure Requirements page.

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