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Licensing Assistance and Hospital Privileging Assistance

All Star Recruiting helps you obtain the licenses and credentialing approval you will need to begin your ideal assignment. Our in-house licensing department (no out-sourcing,) will assist you with completing hospital credentialing information, licensing applications, and any other requirements that get you top priority for upcoming positions. In most cases, we'll also pay your licensing fees depending on how long you will be working with us. 

State Licenses

As you probably assumed, all locum tenens assignments require current state licensure. On your own, navigating the unique requirements of each state can be complex, time-consuming, and costly. Luckily, the capable team at All Star Recruiting has long-standing relationships with all 50 state medical boards and is here to coordinate the application process for you. We'll help you with application timelines, requirements, and resolving potential issues before they can interfere with your new job opportunity.


Credential Verification

The application process for healthcare jobs requires an average of 15 primary source verifications as well as verification of all hospital privileges. All Star Recruiting acts as a go between to verify all of your credentials, including licenses, certifications, diplomas and medical school residency forms, DEA paperwork, privileges, Professional Liability history, and more. Our credentialing staff will prepare many of the letters and forms needed to verify your credentials, send them on your behalf, then collect and deliver them to the medical board.

How it Works

  • Call us at 1-800-928-0229 to speak with our recruitment staff or our credentialing department and provide some basic information about yourself.
  • Complete your initial application (takes about 30-40 minutes on average.)
  • Our licensing department will verify your credentials and run our in-house queries.
  • Provide us with a list of states where you are interested in practicing.
  • Let us scan our client database for opportunities that match your preferences.
  • Our credentialing staff will prepare much of the documentation to verify your credentials then send, collect, and deliver them to the medical board on your behalf.  

Facts about State Licenses

  • Some states have a temp-to-perm license (or a "Locums") option. Those applications are usually not as detailed as permanent applications and do not require as much verification as permanent licenses. Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Utah, and Wyoming (among others) offer these types of licenses. Each state stipulates how long their temporary licenses are valid. In Arizona, for example, a temporary license is good for 180 days at just that one facility.
  • Some states (such as Mississippi,) require an additional exam on their state laws while others, (including Minnesota, North Carolina, and Wyoming,) require onsite interviews. Note: All boards have the discretion to request these however.
  • Temporary and locum tenens licenses can usually be completed quickly—in some instances just two to three weeks—if the states offer them. These scenarios typically require a letter from the client facility explaining that they desperately need this physician and want the process to be expedited.
  • California, Texas, and Florida usually take the longest to complete (though this changes seasonally.)
  • Licensing for nurse practitioners and physician assistants have different rules and timelines, so please call your All-Star Recruiting representative at 1-800-928-0229 for more details.

"When I was initially contacted by All Star, I had already been approached by several companies and presented to quite a few opportunities so I didn't think I needed to speak to another firm. What I didn't count on was All Star having another eight positions which other agencies didn't have. Now I'm happily working at one of the options they offered. Thanks!"
- Bal A., M.D.

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