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How We Set Ourselves Apart from Our Competitors

I as an employee of All Star Recruiting wanted to write this as an example of how I feel that we set ourselves apart from our competitors.

I personally have been in the healthcare staffing industry for about 10-11 years and have worked for some of the largest firms in the nation. One of the strategies they sometimes teach you while working for firms that size is to focus on the big healthcare systems and leave the smaller practices and rural hospitals alone.

When I got to All Star I learned (and was trained) that everyone is on the same level no matter how much revenue a hospital or facility produces. We are taught from day one that everyone deserves 100% of our effort and attention no matter what their “size”. With this strategy and focus in mind, I started working with a small hospital last year in a rural Georgia town. The entire town had two hotels and not much to do in way of entertainment and recreational activities. It was the exact type of location the larger firms sometimes tell you to “steer clear from”. This is largely because they tend to be focused on only “catching the big fish” (in my experience anyway).

Turns out, this facility has some of the best equipment in the country and the nicest staff I have ever worked with. The providers we have placed have loved providing Locum Tenens coverage there, and to date we have placed 5 different physicians with them for coverage. Furthermore, because of how we treated them and the value of service they have received, the decision-maker that runs their facility informed their staffing department to cancel all other recruiting contracts and work with our firm exclusively. It was a great feeling for me both personally and professionally.

But what came next was even better. Turns out the person that runs this particular hospital is also part of an executive board that oversees five other hospitals in Georgia and has contacts with many more. To date not only has she sent us multiple needs from these other facilities, but has also informed them that they are not to use any other agencies but All Star Recruiting. All because we gave the type of service we have been trained to perform. The greatest compliment you can get from any client is a referral, and that is why this experience was so rewarding.

Being with a firm that makes you feel like you are the most important client or candidate they have (despite how “large a fish” you are) instead of making you just feel like another number is what sets All Star apart and is why we continue to grow and prosper.

I am happy to be a part of it.

Jason Kart is a physician recruiter for Primary Care  Locum Tenens at All-Star Recruiting. He can be reached at 1800-928-0229 ext. 123 or at jkart@allstarrecruiting.com


"When I was initially contacted by All Star, I had already been approached by several companies and presented to quite a few opportunities so I didn't think I needed to speak to another firm. What I didn't count on was All Star having another eight positions which other agencies didn't have. Now I'm happily working at one of the options they offered. Thanks!"
- Bal A., M.D.

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