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How Behaving Like a Mosquito Can Leave an Impact

How Behaving Like a Mosquito Can Leave an Impact

Every so often a provider comes along who goes above and beyond the call of duty. This story highlights a clinician we are very proud to work with and deserves to be singled out in a positive light; in the same way he makes his patients feel so uniquely important.

A plethora of reasons have led to an imbalance of caretakers required to attend to those in need. Yet, even with the ratio of supply vs. demand heavily out of balance, Robert Schrope (PA-C) demonstrates that the quality of care available doesn’t have to diminish. He is a shining example that upholds a higher standard. Before sharing a specific instance to illustrate the point, it seems only fitting we discuss some of the accolades this results-oriented leader with 28 years of highly decorated military service has received.

Among his many achievements while serving our country, Robert was:

  • One of only three United States Air Force Physician Assistants trained for special operation contingency planning.
  • Responsible for medical training, planning, and deployment execution for combined special operation contingencies.
  • A manager of medical special operations supporting the combat capability of six flying squadrons consisting of over 2,000 air crew and 300 special operators.
  • Lead medical planner/trainer/evaluator for Air Force Special Operation Commands largest annual training exercise which involved 10,000 personnel from all branches of the United States military.
  • Manager for the deployment training of 73 medical personnel which provided on-call medical coverage in six geographic commands encompassing 30 different countries.
  • Ranked #1 of 96 emergency medical providers in the 89th Military Police Brigade by the Battalion Commander in 2006.
  • Primary care manager for 1,090 patients, incorporating pediatrics through adult acute and chronic care.
  • Selected as Air Force Space Command 2002 Company Grade Physician Assistant of the Year.

Those are just some of his esteemed accomplishments; all of which are very impressive, but it was a present-day situation that got our attention. Working with our service, Robert has been doing locum tenens work on the Super Track for one of our medical center clients in Illinois for the past year and a half. Not long ago, the facility received a letter (addressed to the CEO, COO, and CMO which we were forwarded,) from a patient he recently saw in their emergency department.

The patient, who also happened to be 20 weeks pregnant at the time, had an ear infection that persisted for about three weeks and was in chronic pain. She had been seen by several medical professionals (including an ENT,) but no one could provide an effective treatment plan until she met PA-C Schrope. Not only was he the first provider to confirm her ear infection, but he took the time to collaborate with a multitude of other providers to create the best (and safest) protocol for the patient and her baby. The patient was tired, confused, and in a great deal of pain, yet Robert did not get frustrated with her and continued to explain the treatment options until she understood them and helped her make a decision; which they reviewed until she was confident with the follow-up requirements. The patient later took the time to communicate in writing how meaningful his demonstration of empathy and patience was to her.

To say the client has been happy with his performance is an understatement. The manager of advanced practice at the facility went on record to say, “It is unusual for locum providers to be so engaging in the setting in which they are working. Robert has always taken an interest in doing exemplary work and never seeks recognition for the great job he performs. He is well respected by staff, other advanced practice providers, and the physicians within the Emergency Department. He created a great experience for a patient who had been evaluated by several other providers. We cannot thank him enough for the service he provides to our patients and staff members, and taking the time to care for this specific patient; which clearly made an impact. Robert truly works under our mission of serving patients with the greatest care and love; even though he’s technically not our employee, we feel very fortunate to have him on our team.”

There is a dire need to become more efficient in the way you manage your workforce. No system is fool-proof, but at All Star, our Locum Tenens providers go through a rigorous credentialing process prior to going on assignment. Even still, sometimes you are lucky enough to work with clinicians whose capabilities and skill set can’t fully be described by their CV. 

“It’s one big chain reaction in the circle of life and these relationships are invaluable,” said All Star’s CEO, Keith Shattuck. “Practitioners like Robert are one of the reasons why we all do what we do. A former military guy who has worked with this particular facility through our firm for the past year and a half, patient and client feedback like this shows how important our jobs are and that what we do really does matter!”

Robert Schrope embodies the Dalia Lama quote “If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.” We strive to assign more providers just like him all over the country to facilities in need and value our relationship with him, and others that follow his example. 


Mindy J. Goldberg is the Marketing Director at All Star Recruiting. She can be reached at Mgoldberg@allstarrecruiting.com.

"When I was initially contacted by All Star, I had already been approached by several companies and presented to quite a few opportunities so I didn't think I needed to speak to another firm. What I didn't count on was All Star having another eight positions which other agencies didn't have. Now I'm happily working at one of the options they offered. Thanks!"
- Bal A., M.D.

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